Aurora Vector Annealing to Solve Social Issues and Acceleration by NEC’s Supercomputer, SX-Aurora TSUBASA
DescriptionThis presentation consists of two parts, discussing SX-Aurora TSUBASA vector supercomputer and introducing digital annealer working on SX-Aurora TSUBASA called Vector Annealer. The first half of the presentation shows the vector architecture of SX-Aurora TSUBASA, especially its latest vector processors having the highest-level memory bandwidth. Sustained performance and power efficiency are also discussed, as well as NEC’s future plans and roadmap. The second half of the presentation shows NEC’s quantum computing strategies and their products to provide higher sustained performance in the annealing/optimization fields. NEC developed Vector Annealing as a digital annealer and has a strong business relationship with D-Wave providing a quantum annealer. NEC aims at solving various social issues by using the quantum/digital annealing technologies and by developing a hybrid platform with supercomputer and quantum/digital annealer to provide much higher sustained performance,
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Exhibitor Forum
TimeTuesday, 15 November 20221:30pm - 2pm CST
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