Securing Optical Networks in the Post-Quantum World
DescriptionThere is a tremendous amount of excitement around the potential that quantum computers offer to the way that we approach hard problems presently unsolvable by today’s most sophisticated supercomputers. Breakthroughs in materials design, medical research and other advancements will provide major societal benefits. At the same time, the arrival of quantum computers will threaten current cryptographic systems and will require a major overhaul of cryptographic tools we depend on today. Optical networks are not immune to the threat posed by an increasing number of shady players. Optical link encryption has been used for years and in many networks. But the encryption engine alone is only part of transport security.

To provide communication security in optical (and other) networks, we rely on cryptographic algorithms as the building blocks in our secure protocols. The impact from quantum computers varies; some primitives will be weakened, and some will be completely broken. The research and standards communities are working tirelessly to define replacement candidates and standardize them, so that the great migration can begin. In the meantime, some networks need our attention now because they are vulnerable to a harvest and decrypt attack, where secure communications sessions can be harvested today and then decrypted later when a practical quantum computer is available. There are ways to mitigate this threat today. We will explore all options available to us today and in the future.
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TimeWednesday, 16 November 20222:30pm - 3pm CST
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