What Is Coming in ISO C++ 23, and 26 for HPC and Future Directions
DescriptionAfter 3 years of working through the pandemic, ISO C++ continues to commit to drive towards C++23. ISO C++ continues to serve as the top 4 language based on Tiobe rating, and C/C++ is used in 79.4% of parallel programming languages based on Hyperion 2021 research HPC Briefing at ISC 2021. After the last five years’ successful ISO C++ for HPC BoF and with increasing use of C++ in Exascale computing, there was popular demand for continuing updates of the main C++20 features. This includes Concepts, ML, mdspan, library and Concurrency features. This BoF will provide updates on C++23, 26.
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Birds of a Feather
TimeWednesday, 16 November 20225:15pm - 6:45pm CST
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