DAOS Storage Community BoF
DescriptionDAOS (https://docs.daos.io/) is an open-source scale-out object store that delivers extremely high performance to the most data-intensive HPC/AI workloads. With growing adoption, DAOS has seen significant community contributions like domain-specific container types, additional hardware support beyond x86_64 (e.g. ARM), and enabling DAOS in the cloud.

This BoF brings together the DAOS community to discuss, share experiences, and brainstorm on future enhancements of DAOS. Topics include practical experiences with on-prem and cloud deployments, application use cases, and the software roadmap. This session targets end users, HPC/AI middleware developers, system administrators, DAOS core software developers, and vendors of DAOS-based hardware/software/cloud offerings.
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Birds of a Feather
TimeWednesday, 16 November 20225:15pm - 6:45pm CST
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