A Look into the Compute Express Link™ (CXL™) Device Ecosystem
DescriptionCompute Express Link™ (CXL™) maintains memory coherency between the CPU memory space and memory on CXL attached devices. CXL enables a high-speed, efficient interconnect between the CPU, platform enhancements, and workload accelerators such as GPUs, FPGAs, and other purpose-built accelerator solutions.

This BoF session will feature a panel of experts from the CXL Consortium to discuss available CXL devices and what devices the industry can expect to see in the next year. The experts will also explore the new features in the CXL 3.0 specification and the new usage models it will enable.
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Birds of a Feather
TimeThursday, 17 November 202212:15pm - 1:15pm CST
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