SAGE 12th SC BoF: Smart Amplified Group Environment Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence for Global Collaboration
DescriptionSAGE3, the Smart Amplified Group Environment, is the next-generation, “human-in-the-loop” collaboration platform, providing HPC users with the tools to access, explore, discover, publish, share, integrate, and reuse complex datasets. SAGE3 supports today’s hybrid work/home environments (laptops, single monitors and display walls), and interfaces with a variety of computational infrastructures, workflows, notebooks, and analytics software through Artificial Intelligence-enabled services and orchestration services. It lowers the barrier of entry into AI for non-expert users, democratizing access to disruptive technologies for those with varying skills. The BoF presents SAGE3 features, highlights user stories, describes future design plans, and encourages attendee feedback and interaction.
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Birds of a Feather
TimeTuesday, 15 November 202212:15pm - 1:15pm CST
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