Exhibitor Description
Our flagship product, Understand, is a static analysis tool that allows engineers to comprehend and maintain complex code bases with graphs, metrics and standards compliance (MISRA, Effective C++). Understand analyzes more than a dozen languages including, Ada, C/C++, C#, Cobol, FORTRAN, Java, JOVIAL, Delphi/Pascal, PL/M, Python, VHDL, Visual Basic[.NET], and web languages. It is the perfect tool for maintaining both legacy and new code, helping new team members get started quicker, and investigating unfamiliar code. Most users report Understand pays for itself when used for just minutes a day. We create tools that are exciting to us because they help us, and all programmers, to visualize and understand code at a deeper level than ever before. We take pride in building advanced tools and we continue to enhance our products and create new tools with feedback from developers around the globe who use our products on a daily basis.
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