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Cloud data center installations are growing fast with accelerated adoption of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) integrating smart functionality and connectivity across most industries. Preference for convenience, flexibility, speed, mobility and responsiveness is driving device performance and functionality that creates vast amounts of data to transmit and store. Cloud compute stores, processes, networks and analyzes all of this data and digital functionality. Consumer trends and innovation have made cloud compute increasingly intrinsic to how businesses operate, and consumers’ run their lives. Cloud powers modern society. 5G infrastructure upgrades and installations support the large influx of data and connectivity demands coming from both consumer and enterprise markets. Industries like autonomous vehicles, smart cities, robotics, augmented reality, virtual reality, and manufacturing automation rely on consistent and reliable network access, data transfer, and connectivity performance. The Internet of Everything (IOE) and associated digitization of all devices is enabled by 5G and network convergence innovation.
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Analytics - Solutions,Cloud - Solutions,Data Management - Solutions,Data Science - Solutions,Energy - Solutions,GRID - Solutions,Heterogeneous Computing-Solutions,Networking - Solutions,Power - Solutions,Server - Solutions,Storage - Solutions
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