Exhibitor Description
HPC-AI Tech is a global company which is focused on increasing AI productivity and building a world-class distributed AI development and deployment platform that enables supercomputers and cloud platforms to serve AI at a much lower cost. The company was founded by Dr. Yang You, who received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and is currently the Presidential Young Professor at the National University of Singapore. Based on years of academic achievements and industrial accumulation, HPC-AI Tech has developed an efficient large AI model training and inference system, Colossal-AI, that integrates many advanced technologies such as multi-dimensional tensor parallelism, sequence parallelism, heterogeneous memory management, large-scale optimization, adaptive task scheduling, etc. to enables companies to maximize the efficiency of AI deployments while drastically reducing costs. HPC-AI Tech will be dedicated to the deep integration of software system design and hardware architecture, offering efficient AI deployment services in a manner of high integration, automatization, and intellectualization.
Products / Services
Artificial Intelligence (AI),Cloud - Services,Cloud - Software,Cloud - Solutions,Heterogeneous Computing-Services,Heterogeneous Computing-Software,Heterogeneous Computing-Solutions
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