ITC/JCAHPC, The University of Tokyo
Exhibitor Description
The Supercomputing Division, Information Technology Center, The University of Tokyo ( was originally established as the Supercomputing Center of the University of Tokyo in 1965, making it the oldest academic supercomputer center in Japan. The Information Technology Center (ITC) was organized in 1999, and the Supercomputing Center became the Supercomputing Division (SCD) of the ITC. ITC is also a core organization of the “Joint Usage/Research Center for Interdisciplinary Large-Scale Information Infrastructures (JHPCN)”, and a part of HPCI (the High-Performance Computing Infrastructure) operated by the Japanese Government. The three main missions of SCD/ITC are (i) Operations of Supercomputers & Services, (ii) Research & Development, and (iii) Education & Training. Currently, SCD/ITC consists of more than 10 faculty members. SCD/ITC is now operating two systems, “Massively Parallel Supercomputer System (Oakbridge-CX)” by Fujitsu with 6.61 PFLOPS, and “Integrated Supercomputer System for Simulation, Data and Learning (Wisteria/BDEC-01)” by Fujitsu with 33.1 PFLOPS. The two supercomputer systems operated by SCD/ITC contain 2,600+ users; 55+% of these users are from outside the university. Their average utilization ratio is ~90%. Hands-on tutorials for parallel programming (on-line) are held 20+ times per year. Up to 10% of the total computational resources of each system are open to users from the industry.
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