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Nagoya University Information Technology Center has been operating large-scale general-purpose computers and supercomputers for over 50 years, ever since its establishment in 1971. The supercomputer provided by the Center is used by researchers all over Japan as a facility for shared use nationwide, as well as supporting cutting-edge research and development. The current system "Flow" is a complex system consisting of 4 main computation subsystems and 2 types of storage. The total performance of the 4 subsystems is about 16 PFLOPS, making it one of the leading systems in Japan in terms of operation performance. "Flow" (in Japanese “furo”) is derived from the name of the area where Nagoya University is located and the word “furo” loosely translates to “longevity”. This name was chosen in the hope that the benefits gained through this computing system will continue to live on in human civilization for many years to come.
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