Flex Logix Inc.
Exhibitor Description
About Flex Logix Flex Logix(R) is a reconfigurable computing company providing leading eFPGA IP and AI inference chip solutions. Flex Logix’s embedded FPGA (eFPGA,) EFLX(R) technology is licensed to chip designers as intellectual property (IP) and enables our customer’s semiconductor chips to flexibly handle changing protocols, interfaces, algorithms, accelerate key workloads and provide mechanisms to avoid costly chip re-spins. The adoption of eFPGA technology in semiconductor devices is growing rapidly and Flex Logix is the market share leader for eFPGA technology with more than 23 chips working in Silicon and more in design. EFLX eFPGA is available today in popular 12, 16, 22, 28 and 40 nm process nodes with 7nm GDA available and more advanced nodes in planning. For more information, visit https://flex-logix.com/efpga/
Products / Services
Artificial Intelligence (AI),Analytics - Hardware,Cloud - Hardware,Data Management - Hardware,Heterogeneous Computing-Hardware,Networking - Hardware,Processors,Server - Hardware,Storage - Hardware,Visualization - Solutions
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