Congratulations to the Teams and Winners of the IndySCC for a Successful Competition

Georgia Tech showing off their HPL run.

In its second year, IndySCC is an event sharing the goals of the SCC but with an emphasis on education and inclusion, intended for less-experienced teams. The teams compete remotely, using hardware secured by the committee. The teams interface with the hardware using the Chameleon Cloud platform. For this year’s competition, we used over 300 nodes of a retired cluster at Purdue University.

Ten teams competed in this year’s competition from all over the world. The competition began in August with four educational modules where the teams learned the platform and the three applications. Each module included a webinar, homework, and a chance for Q&A.

From October 20–30, the teams took on the Hero HPL Challenge where they had 24 hours to build out a cluster of up to 300 nodes and produce the best possible HPL scores. To conclude, from Nov 4–6, the teams competed in a 49-hour (thanks, Daylight Saving Time) competition similar to the SCC. The teams competed to complete tasks from 3 applications as quickly and as accurately as possible – the teams were also interviewed by the app judges to judge their knowledge of the applications.

Universitas Indonesia working in the dark thanks to a blown fuse!

Team Revontuli, CSC, Finland having a pizza party!

Congratulations to the winners, and to all the teams for a successful competition! 

Best Poster

Clemson University 

Hero HPL Challenge

Winner: CSC, Finland (144 TF on 250 nodes)
2nd Place: SUSTech (109 TF)
3rd Place ShanghaiTech (102 TF)


Winner: ShanghaiTech
2nd Place: SUSTech
3rd Place: CSC, Finland

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