SCinet Spirit of Innovation Award Recognizes 17 Contributors’ Role in Supporting International Science Activities for SC22

The SC22 Conference is underway in Dallas, bringing together members of the international high performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis community to share the latest research, technologies, and demonstrations.

Exhibitors and visitors at the SC Conference this year will enjoy access to 5.01 terabits per second of bandwidth across 1 million square feet in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas thanks to SCinet, the dedicated high-capacity network for the conference.

SCinet is a collaborative effort by over 175 volunteer experts from 80 volunteer organizations that span industry, academia, and government. This spirit of collaboration is a major driver for the success and innovation that SCinet delivers on a yearly basis.

Seventeen organizations in particular were instrumental in supporting large-scale international science at the SC Conference this year, and they are being recognized with the SCinet Spirit of Innovation Award:












Pacific Northwest Gigapop




University of Hawaii


“The winners of the 2022 SCinet Spirit of Innovation Award have embraced the spirit of collaboration and cooperation that showcases the best there is to offer in demonstrating, implementing, and operating leading-edge solutions to challenging problems,” said Matt Zekauskas, SCinet Chair. “This collaboration is truly special to SCinet, and we are all encouraged by and appreciative of their efforts to showcase partnership and innovation.”

The research innovations are being demonstrated at the NICT booth at SC22 this year, and feature several experiments that will leverage International connectivity and technology support being provided by the collocating partners. These demonstrations will transmit data and video streams of various qualities across a multi-continental path, use cloud and edge computing approaches to perform at scale video processing and measuring and monitoring of the network infrastructure, and use this intelligence to dynamically control the network path.

SCinet contributors donate millions of dollars in equipment, software, and services that are needed to build and support the network each year for the SC Conference. At this year’s conference in Dallas, it’s estimated that contributions from 29 organizations will total $70 million.

AARNet, APONET, ARENA-PAC, CENIC, Ciena, Cisco, HARNET, Internet2, KISTI, NICT, NII, Pacific Northwest Gigapop, REANNZ, SingAREN, TransPAC, University of Hawaii, and Verizon were recognized at a private ceremony on Monday, November 14.

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