General Chair Candace Culhane Welcomes You to SC22

HPC Accelerates

Our conference begins in just a few days. Whether you’re joining us in Dallas, or virtually from elsewhere in the world, I’m delighted you will be attending SC22. Welcome.

To me, HPC is all about speed. That’s why our theme this year is “HPC Accelerates.” Throughout more than 200 sessions – lectures, panels, exhibits, award presentations and more – you’ll see that theme come to life. You’ll also see this theme in the exhibit hall, where you’ll find more than 350 exhibitors ready to welcome you.

“HPC Accelerates” also describes how supercomputing is rapidly changing the world, by “accelerating” the speed of finding solutions – for corporations, governments, and other organizations. That was certainly proven during the pandemic, when the HPC community answered the call and illustrated the importance of being able to ramp up scientific research in the blink of an eye.

The world is spinning faster than ever, and HPC plays a key role in helping us all keep up. Innovative hardware and software are emerging every day throughout the HPC community. HPC is “accelerating” our understanding of the world; from weather forecasting in a world challenged by climate change, to the critical importance of scientific computing combined with artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics, HPC is helping to make new discoveries happen. And with the advancements in exascale and the exciting new field of quantum computing, we are developing specialized hardware to solve particular problems with unprecedented speed.

Planning for SC22 began more than three years ago. You may not be aware that SC conferences are planned and executed by volunteers from the global HPC community. You can see the complete list of volunteers on the planning committee page on our website. This year, we have more than 1,000 people who donated their time and expertise to bring you this conference, including:

  • 735 Volunteers who planned and organized the Technical Program;
  • 15 Virtual Logistics Volunteers who devoted countless hours to developing a new digital platform, purpose-built for our conference;
  • 1 Mobile App Volunteer who worked diligently to bring the Eventbase mobile app back to the conference so you can connect with other attendees, whether in Dallas or virtually, as well as find your way around the convention center;
  • 175 SCinet Volunteers who designed and deployed the world’s fastest network for the conference, capable of 5.01 terabits per second of WAN capacity and WiFi 6E wireless capabilities in the convention center.

The Digital Experience is now live and the SC22 Mobile App is available for download, so you can start planning your schedule. In the mobile app, be sure to “opt in” to make yourself visible to your friends and colleagues, so you can easily message and stay in touch during the conference.

It’s going to be a great conference. There’s still time to register, so if you know of someone who’s not yet attending be sure to let them know it’s not too late.

I’ll see you in just a few days at SC22!

Candace Culhane, SC22 General Chair

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